Welcome to Lewis Family Chiropractic.

At Lewis Family Chiropractic we use the Grostic upper cervical specific technique to analyze and adjust the first cervical vertebra (the atlas) very specifically and gently. The rest of the spine and extremities are also examined and adjusted as needed. There are many different techniques we can use to treat the spine, from hands-on diversified to using drop tables to using an activator.

Patients in our office range in age from young infants to the elderly. Chiropractic care is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle. Everyone can benefit from chiropractic, whether you're an athlete, a laborers, a busy mom or someone who is on a computer all day. We have seen chiropractic help with many issues ranging from but not limited to:

• Migranes   • TMJ
• Asthma   • Shoulder, wrist or foot pain
• Allergies   • Degenerative discs
• Sciatica   • Arthritis
• Back and neck pain   • And many more
• Ear infections    

    Our services include a holistic approach based on sound medical knowledge. We specialize in healing injuries caused by automobile accidents, sports injuries, and workplace injuries. We can help reverse the effects of injuries caused by repetitive motion, poor posture, and poor lifting habits. At Lewis Family Chiropractic, we believe in promoting wellness through injury prevention and health maintenance. In September we will celebrate our 12th year in practice. We have improved the lives of many Streetsboro and Northeast Ohio residents. We have many patients who travel an hour or more for care. To learn more about how we can help you, please call our office today!